Top 10 Holi Special Food Dishes With Healthy Recipes

Holi is a celebration of colors. All over India people celebrate this occasion with dry and wet colors. They throw colors at each other and enjoy the joyful mood. Holi is a festival that brings people together.

Add more cheer to this season by making a vast spread of desserts to enjoy with your parents and share with your colleagues. This blog gives you a set of recipes, both classical and innovative, which not only meet the happy life but also the weather at this season of the year.

1. Mava Ghujia :

Flaky and crispy outer crust filled with a sweet mixture of Khoya, coconut and dry fruits, Gujhia is a must make for Holi. This recipe is tried time and over repeatedly and has forever worked.

2. Kesariya Thandai :

A sweet cocktail prepared with dry nuts and seasonings and seasoned with saffron, Kesariya Thandai is quintessential for Holi. Join or jump the Bhang, your choice.

3. Gajar Ki Kanji :

Gajar Ki Kanji method implements the value of carrots in a very charming way, as a favorite, bright tangy foamed beverage. It is a popular beverage for Holi.



4. Bread Ke Dahi Vade :

Dahi Vade is charming lentil dumplings covered in a yogurt blend and coated with different seasonings and chutneys.

They are a must perform for Holi but the unique request to prepare excellent Dahi Vade is to make sure there is no lump in the heart and the Vada is baked regularly.

5. Til Mawa Ladoo :

In this recipe of Til Mawa Ladoo, we use the distinctively insane flavor of til mixed with Mawa (Khoya) to produce a sweet Indian Mithai. Make it for holidays or eat one laddu a day in winters to keep up with the Indian cold weather

6. Bajre Ka Halwa :

Bajre Ka Halwa is a comforting sweet or an attachment produced using bajra ( Pearl Millet Flour ), complete corn flour, ghee and heaps of dry nuts and coconut.

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7. Gond Ke Ladoo :

Gond Ke Laddu are uber-healthy snack or sweet options. Make these for the upcoming winter season and support your parents for their excellent shape.

8. Moong Dal Halwa :

Accurate measurements and the right procedure is extremely required to make this Halwa authentically. Do not get frightened as here is a pure, easy to grasp and popular recipe to prepare Moong Dal Halwa.

9. Angoori Rasmalai :

Mini Chenna balls dunked in frozen milk accented with saffron and cardamom, Angoori Rasmalai is a sweet which can attract anyone. make it this Holi and impress your customers.

10. Kaddu Ka Halwa :

Kaddu Ka Halwa Recipe or Pumpkin Halwa is a different vegetable-based dessert-like Lauki ka Halwa which turns stupendously delicious.

Enjoy this bright festival of Holi with your parents and colleagues, with stronger, more comfortable, and guilt-free happiness!

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